On Course

On-course companions don’t get better than this

Give your caddy the day off. For good. Golf GameBook is the digital scorecard that does all the math for you. Plus it’s super handy with club selection because it knows every nook and cranny of most golf courses worldwide. The only thing it doesn’t do is clean your clubs… yet.

Off Course

Enjoy the clubhouse atmosphere – whenever, wherever

Golf GameBook combines everything that is important in golf; the scores, the friends, the courses, the discussions and the wagers topped off with a hint of trash talk. The app allows you to stay connected to the world of golf everywhere and all the time. It’s like a clubhouse in your pocket.


Savor on-course banter anywhere

No matter what we would hope for, life isn’t always about playing golf. With Golf GameBook you can be in the game both on and off the course. Our GameBook Feed is a social hub designed to connect you with your buddies and reserved for golf talk only.

Follow your favorite golfers

Whether you’re interested in the rounds of your closest friends or the top pros, Golf GameBook knows the score. Follow your favorite golfers on the app and you’ll get notifications on their tee-offs and impressive scores. But whether you choose to cheer them on or fuel those friendly rivalries is completely up to you.

Get notified

Golf GameBook keeps you connected to the world of golf – no matter where you are. We will notify you when your friends start and finish their rounds or achieve something significant. You’ll always be on track about your friends’ games and never have to worry about feeling left out of the conversation again.

Live Scoring

Create a tournament fit for the pros

You may not have access to Augusta, Georgia, but you can still make a first-class golf tournament happen.  Golf GameBook can manage the scorecards of hundreds of golfers at once and provide some special  tournament touches such as live leaderboards. Our technology even lets people all over the world follow  your game in real-time. It may not be the Masters, but it’s pretty close.

Every score as it happens

Keeping track of multiple players and scorecards is simple. Golf GameBook instantly delivers score updates of every golfer playing, no matter where they are on the course. Live leaderboards mean players never play blindfolded, spectators can have their finger on the pulse and people all over the world can follow the scores hole by hole

Start your very own tournament

Whether you’ve got a handful of buddies or hundreds for a corporate golf day, you can easily create and manage your own tournament with Golf GameBook. If you’ve got an intimate group, the app will have everything you need. If your event is on a larger scale, we offer additional online services that make creating and managing your game effortless. Plus you’ll get all the pro additions such as live scoring and TV leaderboards. Best of all, it’s completely free of charge.

A course full of engaged people

Golf GameBook can make your next round of golf eventful. Our live scoring with it’s social features is a simple addition that can make a huge difference in making an impact. Suddenly every golfer’s involvement goes beyond their playing group. A live leaderboard creates more excitement on course and more motivation to climb it. With Golf GameBook, every golfer will be fully engaged from the first hole to the last.