Every golfer deserves a gallery

The way we see it, amateur golfers aren’t all that different to professionals. They too have dedicated hours upon hours to the betterment of their game. When they sink a long-range putt, the elation is the same. Just like the pros, amateurs feel their heart stop every time the ball leaves their club, and know all too well the distance between failure and glory can be less than an inch.

And yet, professional golfers get all the attention. They’re followed around the course by a gallery of fans who keep a close eye on every stroke, ride the rollercoaster of emotions and offer support along the way. Seems a little unfair that amateurs don’t get any of that, don’t you think?

We thought so. That’s why we created Golf GameBook, an award-winning social live scoring mobile app that takes a golfer’s audience beyond their immediate playing group. Our digital platform connects golfing buddies and allows everyone to share live results, round summaries, comments, photos and videos – no matter where they are.

Even if you’re a small-time golfer, you can have a community of players, pals and fans following your game, cheering you on or giving you a bit of friendly trash talk when things aren’t going your way.

With Golf GameBook, every round is a round worth talking about.

From handheld devices to a social community

The history of Golf GameBook

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